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Our Mission

Our purpose is to help people around the world find inner peace and Truth. Through guided meditation, we help people gain clarity, inner wisdom and unlock their true potential.

Our ultimate goal is to help people in the world find the eternally living Land of Truth within.

Our Story

Europe Meditation Online Events was born out of our worldwide meditation organisation. We began in 1996 and now have 360 centers throughout the world and 22 centers in Europe. 
Starting in early 2020 we began providing meditation sessions online. 
Europe Meditation Online Events has a staff of 34 members, mostly consisting of volunteers working to run our events.

In addition, we are supported by the many members of our worldwide community creating a truly global network.

Our Approach

Meditation has been used since ancient times to help people gain insight into the workings of the mind, allowing for a greater understanding of the self and the world around them.

With the help of meditation, people can break through the obstacles to reach a higher level of consciousness. We provide a peaceful environment and experienced professionals to help guide you through the practice.

Our Strategy

Now, we are able to know and become Truth, whereas previously we could only read and hear about Truth.

You can gain a deeper understanding of life and yourself. With our practice, you will know the answers to the basic questions in life: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go when I die? Why do I live?

Through meditation, y
ou will discover all the answers to these questions as true wisdom enters into your mind by cleansing the false mind.

Our Approach in Action

An open and big mind can accept and harmonize so we can become one. When we become one we can help others, we can help the community and we can have harmony with others.

When we throw away the pictures, which is the human mind, we can restart with a fresh and clean new mind. After meditation, behaviors and actions change. The more we throw away, the more we become free and we will not have conflicts. We can then restart with a clean and fresh mind.

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