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Free Online

Meditation Event

Amidst these uncertain times, we invite you to a live, group meditation for hope and healing. Learn a practical, effective tool to release negativity and restore your natural state of peace, for good. Let’s come together to lighten our mind, and brighten the world.

Live, guided meditation




What to expect

A brief introduction to the purpose and premise of meditation, so everyone can begin their meditation with confidence.


A guided visualization meditation to identify and release - or

“throw away” - stressful, negative, and burdensome recurring thoughts.

Q&A and discussion to clarify any points and encourage one another!

Monthly on Sunday at
11am CET /
10am UK Time
Live Translation in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian


Michael comes from Sweden and started to meditate in 2013. He was working as a lawyer at the time, and was plagued with stress, anxiety, and endless ponderings of the big questions of life.

He was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of this meditation through which he was able to clean out all the negativity that cluttered his mind. Michael is now happy and peaceful within, and has found the answers to all his questions. Since 2017, he works full time as a meditation guide in Stockholm and is dedicated to show others how they too can free themselves of burdens and discover truth within.

Our Staff


Simon happened upon this meditation method after a long career in a busy Central London Corporate Environment.

He found himself beginning to ask the question what was the reason and purpose of life? He has been studying and practicing the method now for over 9 years and says 'I am so privileged and blessed to be able to help others through this practice to find the answer and to live free from worries'. He now works full time as a meditation guide.


Alexandra has been practising and studying this meditation for almost 10 years in Australia, Asia and Europe. Currently she is a Meditation Guide in Vienna/Austria.
She has also given introductions and lectures for community service programs and guided meditation for University Students.
She hopes for many People to find their true peace and happiness through this practice. 
For everyone to coexist and live in the true world and to truly become complete.

A lot of us are curious about meditation but don’t know where or how to even begin. We will guide you through a form of meditation that’s designed to help you let go, leaving you feeling lighter and rested as worries disappear from the mind. Deepen your meditation with an individualized experience designed to help you nurture your inner peace. Heaven exists within, let us help you find it.
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