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What is Meditation?

Meditation is about more than just temporary relaxation: it is about shifting perspective and releasing the burdens of the mind, creating true healing and lasting changes.


Feel better everyday as you see the real, tangible results of this practice.

Meditation Group

"True freedom is being liberated from one’s mind and having the true mind."

Woo Myung

How Does Meditation Work?



Our instructors will ask you to 'bring up pictures' by thinking of a certain subject. What appears in your mind's eye (it may be the image of a memory, thought, or emotion) is what we refer to as pictures.



After bringing up the pictures, you will be instructed to observe the thoughts and feelings that come up as you watch your mind. This is a very enlightening part of the process.



In this step we learn how to truly let go by 'throwing away' the attachments that we have to the pictures in our mind. You will notice great benefits as your consciousness expands the more you throw away.

How Can Meditation Help?

Meditation Benefits

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Life Purpose

Know Your Real Value


Overcome Obstacles


Find Inner Peace

Break Bad Habits

Achieve Your Goals

What Is the Process?

This meditation defines the human mind as pictures stored within one's body and mind. These pictures are an accumulation of past experiences which are taken through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body. The pictures mold us into our pattern of thinking, reacting, and habitual behavior that are not who we truly are.  

Through the method of this meditation, you can cleanse your mind. This involves a guided simple step-by-step method. There are seven levels in this meditation. Even after completing just the first level you will get to know that the true mind has come in, and that is the enlightenment.

These mental images carry emotions, thoughts, and attachments to people, places, and things, shaping one's unique inner world. Through meditation, you cleanse your mind of past images, and become truly free.

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