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Unveiling the Matrix

In the 1999 movie, "The Matrix," the protagonist Neo was offered a choice between taking the red pill and thus seeing the truth or taking the blue pill and remaining in the Matrix. Of course, he chose the red pill and became the "chosen one."

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This scene in "The Matrix" is a symbol of being true to oneself. It's only by being true to oneself that we can see how our minds shackle us to fears, inferiorities, anxieties, worries, and burdens. Seeing this is akin to becoming aware of the Matrix. Everything we experience is a product of our minds, a manifestation of the prison in which we live as human beings. We are confined by our belief in our thoughts, feelings, and limitations.

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We don't live in reality

Upon deeper reflection, it becomes quite obvious that the world we experience is a product of our minds and has little to do with reality. We function like a camera with our five senses. We record the world through our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and our bodies. This process creates a "picture" of reality, in which we all dwell. Each of us has our own mental world, our own "Matrix".

This is backed up by science, according to which it has been demonstrated that we perceive only 0.00035 percent of reality; the rest is a construct of our minds.

There are moments when living in this Matrix feels sweet—times of love, success, or perhaps savoring a good steak. However, most of the time, we dwell in stress, worries, and anxieties. Even when we experience good times, we may experience a simultaneous fear of losing that happiness. In any case, it's all impermanent. It's all like a dream, akin to smoke or clouds that come and go—sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but at its core, often very painful.

Meditation is breaking free of the Matrix

Meditation shows us a way out of the Matrix and into the world beyond, i.e. the true world. The path to enter the true world involves dismantling the Matrix piece by piece, which is precisely what we do in this meditation. We examine what we hold inside our minds and gradually let it go.

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As we do this, our Matrix starts to crumble. True light begins to shine through our minds, and we start to sense the freedom of reality. Emerging into reality and living a genuine life is what this meditation teaches us. It's a grateful and beautiful process albeit difficult at times as we have to give up our attachments.

The good news is that we actually have a choice: take the blue pill and stay in the self-made mind world or take the red pill by practicing meditation, break the Matrix, find freedom, and live happily. What do you choose?

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The Europe Meditation Team

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Gab Adam
Gab Adam
Nov 06, 2023

Really great read!

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