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The Simplicity of Meditation

From being a niche practice that only dedicated enthusiasts or members of certain religious groups engaged in, meditation has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, becoming a mainstream activity.

With the emergence of reliable video conferencing services, online meditation guidance has become a routine for many people, and the number of individuals benefiting from meditation continues to grow.

meditate from home guided meditation

Why is this the case? The simple answer is that meditation works. It helps us alleviate stress and worry, while enhancing our ability to navigate life with balance, flow, and wisdom. Numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between a regular meditation practice and physical and mental well-being. You can find information about two such studies here and here.

Meditating with Europe Meditation

At Europe Meditation, we aim to demonstrate how easy it is to meditate in today's world. Europe Meditation is a collaborative effort among centers in Europe that employ Teacher Woo Myung's method to empty the mind in the simplest way possible. With consistent practice, you will experience the benefits of this practice as your mind becomes calmer and more peaceful.

Our meditation can be practiced from the comfort of your own home. By becoming a member of one of our many centers, you will gain access to unlimited guided sessions, both individually and in groups.

Is there scientific proof that meditation works?

Each center is structured to assist you in establishing an effective routine tailored to your specific life situation. You will have access to private tutoring sessions as well as an unlimited number of guided group sessions. The meditation guides will teach you how to practice meditation and address any questions you may have. Our guides are experienced meditators who have embarked on the same journey and can offer valuable guidance and advice on how to release the stressful and painful thoughts and emotions your mind holds.

What are the key aspects of our meditation practice?

The meditation practice revolves around two main aspects. First, there is introspection to become aware of what resides in our minds, and second, there is the process of letting go of these mental contents.

Let go of stress and worries | meditation

It's only by honestly acknowledging what's within our minds that we can release it. Through introspection, we become conscious of the thought and emotion patterns that control us, including negative thoughts and stress.

Before meditation, we often tried to control or ignore our inner turmoil in various ways. However, meditation provides us with a means to observe and let go. Letting go becomes second nature once we've learned the method. Soon we discover that we can always let go of what we have in our mind, not only while sitting and meditating, but also in every day life. We can seize every opportunity that life offers to observe and release our inner thoughts and emotions.

The meditation method is systematic and comprises several steps to assist us in self-reflection and mind release. With time, we begin to notice the emergence of inner peace from within. This is our true mind, the universal mind. Living with this mind enables us to lead a contented life in harmony with the natural flow.

What is the ultimate goal of meditation?

Our meditation has a specific end-goal: human completion. Becoming complete means returning to the source, to the truth, by eliminating all aspects of the human mind and being reborn from there. A life of completion is eternal and filled with happiness. Who wouldn't want that?

We hope this has piqued your curiosity about our meditation method. If you're interested in learning more, consider joining one of our free monthly group sessions or signing up for an individual consultation.

We look forward to guiding you on your path to finding your complete self.

The Europe Meditation Team

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Gab Adam
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