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Meditation Experiences

Everyone has their own inspiring meditation story, and the power of this practice lies in its outward effects: visible improvements in all facets of life.

Hear a few of their stories below.

Meditation Students

Jan, Doctor

It feels great having thrown away the pictures in my mind and having gotten peace of mind. Worrying and anxiety have disappeared, and I feel happier.

I have also come to realize what the meaning and purpose of life is. I am still me, but a more true me. I am very grateful for the meditation, and I can sincerely recommend it to each and everyone

Christer, Social worker

The meditation has helped me on my way to reach my inner-most self, my true self. From this place, I can live my origin and purpose. From this place, I can understand the people I meet. It is a great happiness to live in this way.

Mabel, Social educator

Through this meditation, I learned to reflect on myself from a new perspective. Everything suddenly became so clear to me. I learned to become free from events of the past. I experienced true freedom and a consciousness beyond myself."

Meditation Hand Gesture

Finding Hope Within

Amidst these uncertain times, we invite you to a live, group meditation for hope and healing. Learn a practical, effective tool to release negativity and restore your natural state of peace, for good. Let’s come together to lighten our mind, and brighten the world.