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Meditation Experiences

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Our meditators are a diverse group, each with their own inspiring story.


The power of our meditation lies in its ability to deliver results that can transform your life.


Here are just a few of the many experiences our meditators have shared, and we invite you to join us and create your own story.

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Jan, Doctor

It feels great having thrown away the pictures in my mind and having gotten peace of mind. Worrying and anxiety have disappeared, and I feel happier.

I have also come to realize what the meaning and purpose of life is. I am still me, but a more true me. I am very grateful for the meditation, and I can sincerely recommend it to each and everyone

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Christer, Social worker

The meditation has helped me on my way to reach my inner-most self, my true self. From this place, I can live my origin and purpose. From this place, I can understand the people I meet. It is a great happiness to live in this way.

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Mabel, Social educator

Through this meditation, I learned to reflect on myself from a new perspective. Everything suddenly became so clear to me. I learned to become free from events of the past. I experienced true freedom and a consciousness beyond myself."

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