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Meditation Retreat in France

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

European Meditation Retreat Center

We organise every two months intensive meditation retreats in France with our members throughout Europe.

Our meditation retreat centre is located in Sologne, Loir et Cher region amounst the beautiful forests and lakes which the area is famous for.

It’s a great opportunity to get away from the busy, stressful environments we live in and reconnect with nature and the inner peace which lies within all of us while immersed in these beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

How to go there?

First please contact our local meditation center to let us know your plan!!

Find a center near you!

meditation retreat, europe meditation
Meditation retreat

Address : Le grand Touchenault, 41230 Gy en Sologne France

Flight : Tours airport is located 1 hour from our meditation retreat center

Train station : Blois train station is located 40 minutes by car we can organise a pick up

Romorantin blanc manteau train station is located 15 minutes away by car please let us know in advance if you wish to be picked up in the train station

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